Sato no yu

Happo onsen

Happo is Japan’s major serpentine area.
Happo Onsen’s hot water springs out from this serpentine layer.
Serpentine is told to be one of the rocks that frames the deep underground mantle of the earth. 
The high alkalinity is a characteristic of Happo Onsen, and this is told to be developed when the serpentine is pulled up by the underground plate movement. It is  condensed by high pressure and temperature, and when it reacts with ground water, it forms a ph rating of +11, that leads to a very rare high alkalinity hot spring in the world.
You will be able to experience your skin becoming soft and smooth, after having a relaxing time in the Happo Onsen. 


12:00 - 21:00
Last entry is at 20:30
This onsen is closed on Tuesdays.
Adult: 600 yen
Child: 300 yen
Sale towl : 200 yen
Towl rent (Big and Small) : 300 yen

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Happo Onsen

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