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Hakuba Aoni Village

About Aoni Village

This is a very small village in Hakuba, and unfortunately there is no public transport to get there.
After driving up the mountain for about 20 minutes from Hakuba-station, you will come to an amazing view
with 14 large traditional Japanese houses and 7 warehouses, that were build during the Edo period (1603-1868) and the Meiji period (1868-1912).
This village is stated to be Japan’s important preservation district of historic buildings.
It keeps it traditional atmosphere, has not been turned into a tourist spot.

You will be able to enjoy the primitive relaxing walk here just like the olden times.
It is also famous for their beautiful terraced rice-fields.
If you visit Aoni Village, you should definitely go up the terraced rice-fields and take a look at the wonderful view of the Northern Alps over the village.

20min from JR HAKUBA ST.
Taxi fare : about ¥2,300 to ¥2,500 ( one way ) From JR HAKUBA ST.


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