"The Map Good Holiday Hakuba" has put together all the information about the shuttle buses in Hakuba, as well as the airport shuttles and buses from Tokyo in one portal site.
There is a map for every shuttle bus stop on the bus route page, so that they are easy to find by tourists.
Also, under the concept of “cuteness”, the illustrator and creator, who plays an active part in Japan, have created an original map.
This map works together with the contents on the website.
The contents of this portal site do not remain in just introducing usual tourist spots, but they also involve introduction to the history and the unique Japanese culture.
In addition, it collaborates with “The BIG Hakuba” from the AEON group (MaxValu Nagano Co. Ltd.). 
On the special page, there is a coupon that can be shown on the smartphone, before registering, to get a 5% discount from the total price!