About Onsen

 Most Japanese people love bathing in hot springs, called onsen. The custom of soaking in a bathtub is also very common at home and, in addition to that, Japan is a volcanic island with more than 2,000 hot spring resorts. An onsen resort is a place we love, and also a place to cure disease and promote health at the same time. Onsen water is said to be good for the treatment of neuralgia and skin disease, and is also said to be able to cure visceral diseases such as gastroenteritis, respiratory diseases and so on.

 "Sotoyu" outdoor baths, also known as rotenburo, are highly popular.  A roten-buro is an open-air bath usually set in nature or a garden. While bathing in a roten-buro you can enjoy the beautiful nature, the seasons and the weather all at the same time.

Onsen Maps

Happo Onsen

Mimizuku no yu

Tenjin no yu

Iwatake no yu

Sato no yu

Kurashita no yu

Kominka no yu

Ju-rou no yu